DurAssigFor every Deaf and Hear Alberta Booking the following expectations apply:


  • should be at the appointment 10-15 minutes prior to the booking start time,
  • Should communicate with the Client or Booking Coordinator if they are late for any reason,
  • are not permitted to use electronic devices at any time unless they are delivering service via VRI (this includes during teamed Interpretation when the are not the active Interpreter as they are expected to be actively supporting the interpretation)

Deaf Community

  • If you are late, and have not communicated to the Interpreter (directly or via the Booking Coordinator):
    • For bookings less than 4-hours, Interpreters should wait 15 minutes for you to arrive, and then will be permitted to leave
    • For bookings 4 or more hours, Interpreters should wait 60 minutes for you to arrive, and then will be permitted to leave
  • If the booking finishes, and the purpose of the Interpretation is completed early the Interpreter needs to confirm with you that they are no longer needed before they leave. For example:
    • you may need help at the pharmacy or blood work in the same building – ok
    • you may need help to make a phone call or to contact Deaf and Hear Alberta to book a follow-up – ok
    • you may need to have a quick discussion with a colleague after a meeting – ok
    • the Interpreter is not expected to stay for informal social time unless that is a part of the booking (i.e. conference, all day meeting, cocktail party, reception, gala night, etc.)
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