ServPrincOur organization is guided by these principles:

Choice: Deaf clients have a right to choose any Interpreter on the Deaf and Hear Alberta roster.

Advocacy: We advocate for equal communication access through all aspects of our business development and service model. 

Funding: Fee for Service is the primary funding model in conjunction with a contract with Alberta Seniors & Community Supports to cover gaps in accessibility. “Fee for Service” refers to Deaf and Hear Alberta invoicing organizations providing service to the Deaf community thus making that organization accessible for you. 

To be adequately funded, Deaf and Hear Alberta educates organizations on the value of being accessible and the rights of the Deaf community to access that service resulting in an agreement to pay for Sign Language Interpreters.

Resources: In order to meet the needs to the community Deaf and Hear Alberta must continually monitor staffing levels to ensure adequate resources. Deaf and Hear Alberta works in collaboration with Interpreter organizations and colleges to promote the profession and the benefits of community interpreting with Deaf and Hear Alberta.

Service Quality: Deaf and Hear Alberta strives to be the benchmark in providing the highest caliber of Interpreters and the most stringent professional standards.


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