Appointment   Status
In Hospital Always Covered
In Clinic Always Covered
Optometrist 1 Per Year Covered
Dentist Children – 2 Per Year Covered – Children
Adult – 1 Per Year Covered
Physiotherapy Contact US
Mental Health Ongoing Contact US
Chiropractic Contact US
Cosmetic Contact Us
K-12 Always Covered
University Always Covered
Vocational Training Always Covered Application Required
Drivers Education Contact Us Application Required
Staff Meetings / Training Contact Us
Job Interview Always Covered
Job Orientation Up to 16 Hours Contact Us in Calgary for Referral
Government Job Fairs Always Covered
Non-Government Job Fairs Contact Us
Non-court Always Covered
Court Always Covered
Life Events
Baptism Always Covered
Wedding Ceremony Always Covered
Wedding Reception Contact Us
Graduations Always Covered
Family Gatherings Contact US
Funeral Always Covered
Social / Recreational Contact US
“Always Covered” is subject to funding availability.
Contact us for information on appointments not listed.
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