ProcessesClients refers to all those that benefit from Interpreting, including individuals, organizations and government departments whether hearing, Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing.

Consumer is often used to refer to a Deaf or deafened client.

Freelance Interpreter refers to an Interpreter who has met the qualification standards required to work under contract with us.

Funder refers to groups, organizations or government departments which are paying for the provision of Interpreting.

Business Partner refers to an individual or business that works in collaboration with us to provide service to the Deaf or hard of hearing communities.

Deaf Interpreter refers to an Interpreter who is themselves Deaf and serves as a member of the Interpreting team to enhance the communication between the hearing Interpreter and Deaf client to further customize the message appropriately for the needs of the Deaf client.

Full Business Day is calculated from the time the appointment starts (i.e.: 2 Full business Days prior to 9am Friday is 9am Wednesday).  Time Stamps are calculated based on Deaf and Hear Alberta Email/Booking System.

Student Interpreter is a student that is currently enrolled in a Interpreter Training Program that is under the direct supervision of one of our Roster Interpreters. Students may only attend assignments where the Roster Interpreter, Deaf and hearing clients have all agreed that the environment is suitable to the students current skills and abilities.

Staff Interpreter refers to an Interpreter that carries additional responsibilities as a part of our organization and has a stronger voice in helping shape our business and services.  Depending on business needs, the number and types of Staff Interpreters vary.  We currently have a Contract Staff Interpreter in both Calgary (Angela Flaman) and Edmonton (Jason Salling).

Roster Interpreters Roster Interpreters are independent freelance contractors that have passed the Screening and are able to work in a wide variety of areas. All Roster Interpreters receive opportunities to take on a variety of assignments including Ceremonial, Employment, Medical, Legal, Community/Recreation,  Educational, and more.

Probationary Interpreter Probationary Interpreters are independent contractors that have not yet passed the Screening and are able to work in a very limited variety of areas. All Probationary Interpreters receive limited opportunities (typically low-risk or teamed assignments only) including Ceremonial and Community/Recreation. Probationary Interpreters are provided with mentorship and other supports to assure that they are able to successfully complete the Screening process and become Roster Interpreters as soon as possible. Clients will be advised anytime a Probationary Interpreter is being included in an assignment for their consent.

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