ProtectDeaf and Hear Alberta’s privacy policy provides Deaf and Hear Alberta Staff and Roster Interpreters with the guidelines for professional behaviour in reference to the privacy of hearing and Deaf clients.

Deaf and Hear Alberta privacy principles reflect those within PIPA, PIPEDA, HIA and FOIPP legislation, as well as the professional ethical requirements imposed by the AVLIC Code of Ethics. Deaf and Hear Alberta Staff and Roster Interpreters need to be aware of these guidelines.

It is necessary to collect, record, and retain personal information of Deaf and hearing clients which may include name, address, phone number, email, familial relationships, date of birth, Social Insurance Number and Alberta Health Care Number. This information is used by Deaf and Hear Alberta for client services such as Alberta Government contract reporting. This personal information belongs the clients and to Deaf and Hear Alberta and must not be shared with any other persons or organizations.

The Code of Conduct for Deaf and Hear Alberta Roster Interpreters specifically requires that confidentiality of personal information be maintained. It is important that all parties involved act to protect the confidentiality and privacy of our members.

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