HowBookAll requests for Deaf and Hear Alberta Interpreting Services must be booked by the client (Deaf or hearing) directly.

All requests for specific Interpreters will be honoured, provided that the requested Interpreter is available, able, and accepts the assignment.

Clients may choose to schedule future appointments based on the availability of an Interpreter at the time of a current appointment – This may only happen at the client’s request, and may not be initiated or solicited by the Interpreter. In these cases:

  • Either the Client must submit the request to Deaf and Hear Alberta; and, as the Interpreter is aware of the intended request their acceptance should be assured, or
  • The Client and the Interpreter may immediately contact Deaf and Hear Alberta together and the Interpreter can Interpret the request for the client to Deaf and Hear Alberta and the Interpreter can be immediately booked as well.

Due to privacy requirements – all Deaf Clients must have at least one means of communication on file with DHHS (i.e. Fax, TTY, SMS/Text, Video Phone, Email, Regular Mail, etc.).

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