RosterGrpStudent Interpreters

Deaf and Hear Alberta works in conjunction with  Interpreter Training Programs in Western Canada to support and mentor student interpreters.  Student Interpreters work under the direct supervision of one of our Roster Interpreter who will manage all aspects of the students’ training with us.  It is a privilege and career opportunity to train under one of our seasoned professionals. In order to be selected for this program, all students are required to:

  1. be selected through a face-to-face interview with their prospective supervisor
  2. submit a current criminal record check
  3. submit a current child intervention check
  4. be a current “Student” member of AVLIC
  5. sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  6. sign that they have read, understood and will abide by all Policies and Procedures

Staff Interpreters

Being a  “Staff” Interpreter allows you to be an integral part of our organization and have a stronger voice in helping shape our business and services.  Depending on business needs, the number and types of Staff Interpreters vary.  We currently have a Contract Staff Interpreter in both Calgary (Angela Flaman) and Edmonton (Jason Salling).

Staff agreements:

  • Always carry a level of exclusivity (i.e. limited or no private contracts, Sorenson is generally ok) including limitations on taking on outside work.
  • Being on staff gives us first priority on a given person’s time (on set terms).
  • We fill “staff” time first before the time of freelance interpreters.
  • May or may not include benefits, but always sacrifice some wages (per hour) for the guarantee of additional work.

Roster Interpreters

Roster Interpreters are independent freelance contractors that have passed the Screening and are able to work in a wide variety of areas. All Roster Interpreters receive opportunities to take on a variety of assignments including Ceremonial, Employment, Medical, Legal, Community/Recreation,  Educational, and more.

Probationary Interpreters

Probationary Interpreters are independent contractors that have not yet passed the Deaf and Hear Alberta Screening Process.  In order to provide mentoring and support to strengthen Interpreting skills, Probationary Interpreters can receive limited opportunities to gain more experience with Deaf and Hear Alberta.  This typically includes low-risk or teamed assignments,  including Ceremonial and Community/Recreation opportunities. Probationary Interpreters receive fixed compensation and are provided with mentorship and other supports to assure that they are able to successfully complete the Screening process and become Roster Interpreters as soon as possible.

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